Monday, June 8, 2009


I am feeling so much better now! Last Tuesday, my best friend (ever), who is also my hairstylist, colored and slightly cut my hair. I now have a 200$ haircut for only 20$! I am so happy! I felt like a princess yesterday! I may not have a baby daddy but I have the best BFF ever!
Aside from having new hair, Baby Knox has been gaining strength! He kicks me so hard sometimes that I squeal! And that's a little embarrassing on the bus. Also I have 76 days to go as of today! I am so excited to meet my little man. And it's really starting to go by fast now! I am so happy about that!! Although I still have next to nothing for him yet... I am waiting until after my baby shower to really buy stuff. I am very low on money so that sucks!! He has started a routine of moving most when I am either waking up or falling asleep, or sitting down relaxing. He also got into the habit of kicking my bladder. Which feels amazingly weird! HAHA! But he mostly only kicks for his mommy! Whenever someone touches my belly, he cowers away and becomes VERY calm. What a Mommy's Boy!
I am so done with pregnancy! Lately everything, not just my feet, has been swelling up. My hands, ankles, feet and even my face. I really do feel like a beach ball! :(
Also my sexy dreams have been on a full out blast lately. I kinda like it because I am single so there.... LOL sorry if TMI for some.
Speaking of dreams, I have been having a few where I am no longer pregnant but I have my baby with me. However he isn't really my baby. I don't understand why but I just KNOW he isn't mine.
I have also kind of started writing my book(s). One is a partly autobiographical piece about my pregnancy and the other is a Young Adult Novel. It's a lot of work and a lot of "really believing in yourself".
I am also into this series called Wicked by Nancy Holder and
Debbie ViguiƩ. It's a great series but definitely for young adults 17 and older. The next book I have in line is Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith