Sunday, February 15, 2009

13 Weeks and 3 Days Pregnant!

So today i am 13 weeks and 3 days along in my pregnancy. Everything is going great! Pretty much all my symptoms have gone away. Unfortunately I feel like a lazy whale. I am starting to get bigger and more anxious and excited everyday! I told my grandma today that she was gonna be a great grandma! She was super happy.
My own mother is gone to Cuba! She has been gone since the 10th and i miss her a lot. Luckily she is coming back in less than 2 days. It's also her birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
Aside from that I had my first ultrasound last Tuesday and it was amazing! The Baby had a strong heartbeat of 150 BPM and was swimming around like a pro!
I have a OBGYN appointment on Tuesday (17th) and I am hoping to hear the heartbeat again!

I was surfing the net and found this interesting link, It's 51 old wives tales about pregnancy...

It's interesting! I think I am having a boy! YAY!!!


Jane and Tarzan said...

Congratulations! :) I'm glad you liked my 51 old wives tales ;) I think I'm having a girl... we'll know for sure this Wednesday! (Most people on our blog, my friends, family, and husband are thinking boy for us by the way!)