Friday, April 17, 2009

Family, Why it's a chore sometimes.

I am the oldest of 4 siblings ( I have another younger sister whom I barely ever see.). No one makes me feel more loved, happy and fulfilled than my family. But no one makes me more sad, angry or disappointed. I am sure every family has their differences. Here, I will explain mine.

I am 20, pregnant, single, have no college or university education (yet), unemployed and I was quite the trouble maker in my days.

My sister is 17, about to finish high school and has a long term boyfriend (whom, for the most part, I just cannot stand). She is an over achiever and aside for a constant nasty attitude and putting herself above others (constantly) she is quite the golden child.

My brother, 16, is a skateboarder/ SK8er (whatever), thinks he does nothing wrong (Naturally... I mean he IS 16) and he, also, aside for a "I am better than you" attitude, is quite an angel.

My youngest brother, 15, is the baby of this family. For the most part he is the most enjoyable to be with aside for the fact that, sometimes, will do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING just to get on your last nerve.

My mother is quite young herself (40), she is in University working on her Master's degree full time, has 2 part- time jobs and does everything she can to keep this family happy. My sister gets her over- achieve-ness from her. I got her more chill out side (Thank God for that! And I am not even religious)!

Then we got my step father. A teenager at heart. And he loooooves to argue,converse etc... He will start a conversation and try (and mostly succeed) at proving and/or making a point. A conversation can last hours with him. And most of the time, you get angry in the end...

So put all these people under one roof and try to have a peaceful evening. Impossible. Luckily, my sister is at her boyfriend most of the time and we don't have to deal with her attitude so much. Plus I enjoy her company much more when I miss her. Sometimes I really do like being with her. But then she comes home and demands all the attention and starts complaining about how hectic her life is (and stuff).

Then you get my brother. He is home more often than my sister bu barely. He is always skateboarding somewhere. When he comes home he eats enough to feed half our family and hogs the TV playing his Skate 2 on PS3. He doesn't seems to care that everyone gets a fair share of the food. As long as he is satisfied and that no one complains about it (and that we let him play his darned video game without complaining)then he's pretty much happy. Until time comes for me to remind everyone (when mom isn't here) that there is our daily chore to do. The evening goes to crap right then and there.

Finally you get baby- brother. Half the time it's great to have him around. He'll come home give me a hug and go on the computer, play a video game (not o much anymore) or do his homework. On bad days he'll make too much unnecessary noises just to get on someone's nerves... Honestly I don't understand it at all.

If I get in a quarrel with any of my siblings, they will make sure to remind me of my past and how much of a "loser" I am for being in my situation. It's difficult to think that the people who love you the most are also the people who can hurt you the most.

Family is full of dreadful moments that make a day, week, month drag on. But more often than not I am lucky to have the good ones.

I am immensely grateful for my mother with whom I have an amazing relationship. She makes it worthwhile. Most of the time