Friday, May 22, 2009

3rd Trimester

Well I am finally in my third trimester! Only 3 months left to go! I can feel my little man running out of room in there. I mean I am running out of room on my own body! LOL I wonder what it's like in there!! HAHA

I did the glucose test yesterday and it made me all dizzy and sleepy. It didn't taste horrible but not good at all!
I had a little accident yesterday... It may be a little TMI for some so maybe stop reading now... LOL

Well I was at the mall and all of a sudden i felt like i had to fart. However I had diarhea and well some came out and left a stain on my pants!!! I WAS MORTIFIED! Plus I had forgotten my debit card at home so I had no money on me! Fortunately, my best friend works in the mall and gave me money to go buy a pair of pants and underwear! I also got two cute little dresses! I will post pics of them later!
That was most definitely my most embarrassing moment in this pregnancy.

So that's that and now I am definitely feeling exhaustion creeping back up. We don't have A/C at home and it was so humid last night. I couldn't all asleep at all. Well I ended sleeping until 12 today! It was amazing!

So today I have decided to rest and do nothing!